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Family Holistic Therapies

Balance with Vibration and Intent

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Meet Tracey

Tracey has worked and studied for the last 25 years, seeing clients every day, and now consider I have acquired the knowledge to be able to expand and assist people and groups through personal sessions and seminars on helping your body heal itself.   


Tracey specialises in autism and cell malfunction

Tracey Rosser studied and trained with Cameron Dawson, and is regarded as a Senior Practitioner. She continually practices the Dawson Program alongside other modalities in her work as 20 years experience Holistic Health Practitioner. Her work includes addressing the core issues by applying Kinesiology, Vibrational Medicine and other modalities in order for her clients to repair; emotionally, physically, spiritually and genetically.

Tracey can apply the following techniques to help you regain physical and emotional balance:

  •    Family DNA illnesses   *    Vibrational Kinesiology   *  Ear/Meridian Candling    *  Reflexology

  •    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)         * Acupressure      * Reiki      *Vibrational Kenetics

  •    Property rebalancing     * Vibrational Medicine         * Spiritual Intuitive

Tracey also Visits Dubbo, Tasmania, Sydney, Melbourne

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Is your body becoming a product of emotional overload?  
Studies have shown that 83% of our illnesses are due to emotions.