Clinical Practitioners Workshop 

all depends on borders act.

Location:    Terranora NSW (fly into Gold Coast)

Date: May 7th - 9th

Time:     7th 1pm – 6pm,   8th 9 am – 5 pm, 9th 8am – 1 pm

Workshop Conducted by:    Tracey Rosser

Cost: $770 includes in-house accomodation/breakfast/lunch/dinner

Cost: $550 without accomodations and breakfast or dinners                                                           (lunch, snacks included)



Friday 26th 

1pm - Welcome

  • Kundalini

  • Auric Fields to the Chakras

  • Chakras to the Meridians

  • Meridians to the Organs

6.30 pm Dinner

Saturday 27th 

8am – 9am Breakfast

  • Phobias associated with the day before - energy system

  • Hands on - Everyone gets a balance on the above 

  • Brow pathways

  • Dreams associated with the energy system as we know it.

  • 6pm Dinner

Sunday 28th 

7.30 am Breakfast

  • Knowing the previous days protocol to implement it with clients

  • ( most of which is out of the Dawson Manual, just refining step by step process)

It is a full on training workshop. Lunch and Dinner supplied

What to Bring:  Paper and Pens everything else supplied. 

Click PDF for application form

please print and send to Tracey




Location: City of Melbourne
Time: 25th - 27th March 2022
Cost: $1200.00

The Dawson Program Training Courses is designed to help assist you/your family in understanding how stress affects ones physical body through the Energy System.  This is known as the Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields.

We aim to teach you, about your own Energetic frame work and how to assist in rebalancing through Vibration Kinesiology with sound.

Module 1 Training in the Dawson Program

  • Knowledge on the 3 main energy systems

  • How our emotions have an effect on this structure

  • How this stress can affect the organs & the physical structure

  • Cranial Plates

  • How and What is Applied Kinesiology

  • How to muscle test

  • Identify allergies

  • Where the origin started from

  • We look at time, emotion and geographic

Our goal is for you to have a balance and to help assist your family, show you the tools and knowledge you need to keep your self and your family in balance.

Qualifications to register are Nil open to anyone with or without any prior knowledge in energy work.

There are 2 module in all which will be set approx. 6 months apart.

Click on PDF for application form

please fill in and return to address listed

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