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I am Yamuna Chee (Yin Mei ) I completed Bachelors Applied Science in Nursing in 1994. 

My name is Dr Yin Mei Chee (Yin Mei) aka (Yamuna) I am a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist. I completed Masters in Applied Science Acupuncture at RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I has previous training in traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture under the grandfather clause as an Apprenticeship 1981-1984 with my Grand-Uncle Fhillip Fong. I attended post-graduate training at the Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the Republic of China in 1984.

My Story


Acupuncture therapy: to balance Zangfu, Meridians, Yin Yang and Five Elements. 

Auricular Acupuncture therapy: intradermal needles placed insitu on ear points for stress, pain management, stop smoking, weight loss, anxiety, reduce drug addictions

Scalp Needling: subcutaneous needle threading under scalp to treat for recovery of stroke symptoms and/or brain injury such as hemiplegia (total loss of motor and sensory function paralysis to one side of body, face drooping (facial palsy), slurred speech (dysarthria affects muscle or dysphasia impairment of speech), blurred vision, sudden severe headache, dizziness, balance and coordination problems, difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia), cognition deficit (memory loss).

Electro-acupuncture: for pain management

Laser Acupuncture therapy: safe for babies, children or needle phobic people and for pain relief.

Cosmetic Laser Acupunture Therapy: to reduce wrinkles, increase collagen and promote facial rejuvenation

Qigong: reduce stress, encourage healing, increase mobility, promote Qi and increase energy

Astrology: Tropical and Sidereal Consultations for personal, relationship, career pathway 

Rebirthing Breatwork: Conscious connected body-breathing technique to release energy blockages trapped from old emotional wounds, beliefs or conditioning that hinder us to experience freedom and participate fully in life. Benefits of less anxiety,  panic, reacting to triggers.

Workshops Rebirthing Training tba depending on booking numbers.


Workshops on the Eight Extraordinary Channels tba depending on booking numbers. 


Phone: 0488 007 108 

By Appointment only

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