Tracey's Story

I have been studying & applying the principles of Eastern Medicine for some 20 years now.

My daughter and I started looking for answers with regards to her illness. Being diagnosed with Epilepsy it led me to search for the core rather than just treating the symptom.

I was introduced to a man called Cameron Dawson in 1994 who applied a technique called Vibrational Kinesiology.

This started my journey looking at how the human body actually works.

I read and heard a quote that,

"83% of our illnesses are due to our emotions".

Cameron Dawson not only corrected my daughter but answered a lot of questions on why?

I decided to knock on his door and study with him in 1995.

While working with Cameron for some 7 years, watching and learning,

I also commenced a diploma in Vibrational Medicine and a Diploma in Holistic Health Therapies with other modalities.

I have been blessed working with Cameron Dawson, the personal training and teachings I acquired have been a special part of my life and have contributed greatly to where I am today.

Through the support of my 3 beautiful children & husband Gary, I have been allowed to follow my study and apply the techniques I have learnt and still learn around Australia.

I see many and varied illnesses in our society today due to an emotional overload.


I have worked and studied for the last 20 years, seeing clients every day, and now consider I have acquired the knowledge to be able to expand and assist people and groups through personal sessions and seminars on helping your body heal itself.

Tracey Rosser
Dip. H.H.T. Dip. SIVMED

Holistic Health Practitioner




Our Techniques

Tracey can apply the following techniques to help you regain physical and emotional balance:

  • Family DNA illnesses

  • Vibrational Kinesiology

  • Ear/Meridian Candling

  • Reflexology

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

  •  Acupressure

  •  Reiki

  • Vibrational Kenetics

  •  Property rebalancing

  • Vibrational Medicine

  • Spiritual Intuitive

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