Hannah Geary

A List of my services 

Spinal Flow Technique

Hours at Clinic

Friday 9.30 am to 3pm

My Story

  "Hannah offers a service at  Awaken Inner Healing  known as Spinal Flow Technique to help awaken innate healing intelligence, teaching people how to bring about ease, breath and movement to the spine, improving quality of life by reducing physical & mental pain, illness & disease. 


Spinal Flow access points and Emotional Release techniques assist your healing intelligence within the nervous system, reconnecting messages sent from the brain to the rest of the body - restoring balance and allowing you quality of life. 


Spinal Flow is a technique that takes you beyond the intellectual understanding of yourself and into a deeper knowing within yourself. Rather than treating the symptom, Spinal Flow attempts to treat the cause. 


Embarking on her own self journey, Hannah recognised that not one specific technique was suited to fit every human being. With this open understanding, and after trial and error Hannah found her light and what worked for her. Hannah has significantly changed her quality of life - mind, body & soul. After becoming empowered by a new found ability to heal, transform and find oneself among this noisy world, Hannah is passionate about sharing products and services that can help others regain their quality of life also - finding one's true self, embracing self-love and how to regain peace within and without."