Naomi Mackenzie

A List of my services 

~ Acupuncture

~ Moxibustion

~ Cupping

~ Meridian therapy

~ Mayan womb healing

~ Yoni Steaming

~ Closing of the Bones

~ Womens Health

Hours at Clinic

Tuesday: 8am- 5pm 

Friday:    8am- 5pm

My Story

 I received a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture after four years of committed study. During this time I embarked on a student/ mentoring position in one of the Gold Coasts most reputable acupuncture clinics, being directed in Classical Acupuncture & advanced moxibustion techniques. I have trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as a classical style of Japanese Acupuncture and meridian therapy. I am constantly refining my skills and furthering my knowledge in order to give the best of myself. 

I have a keen passion for Chinese Medicine, Holistic

healing and wellbeing. These ancient and modern teachings inspire me to embody their essence and philosophies into my daily life, sharing and practicing all I have learnt and discovered. I embrace a natural and active approach to life. I love sharing wisdom and helping educate and empower people. 

With a strong interest in human emotions, I have a deep understanding of their influence on our health and how they can impact our body when out of balance. This is something I also work with in practice, creating a nurturing space around awareness. 

Energetic, plant and ancient medicine practices are something I have always been drawn to, knowing each has no limits with its power and potency. My curiosity continues to grow and drive me to new & foreign places to learn the medicine of the land and people. Most recently I have had the honour and privilege of embarking on and completing a mentorship programme with Andrea Lopez. This study and training shared the Mayan wisdom and techniques, teaching the craft of ‘Mayan Womb Healing’. Our cycle of women learnt deeply healing womb massage, yoni steaming, closing of the bones and many other beautiful techniques to assist women in healing and empowering themselves.

I wholeheartedly believe we each have the power and potential to heal ourselves, and with some guidance, assistance and education we each can achieve optimal health and well-being. I look forward to meeting and assisting you on your healing journey. 


Naomi Mackenzie